Life update #2 & Blogupdate

Es ist viel zu lange her, dass ich hier überhaupt nur irgendetwas geposted habe. Aber in den letzten Monaten und Wochen habe ich habe nicht wirklich viel gelesen, weshalb auch so gut wie keine Rezensionen, Neuzugänge oder Lesemonate hier auf dem Blog veröffenticht worden. Ich war so gesehen richtig inaktiv, aber mein Leben war einfach etwas zu rasant. Es ist soviel passiert in den letzten Monaten – nicht nur der Umzug zurück nach Deutschland, sondern auch allgemein ist viel passiert. Aber alles in allem bin ich wirklich zufrieden, wie es gerade ist.

Der vermeintlich gute Job, welchen ich im Januar angefangen hatte, hat sich als richtiger Griff ins Klo erwiesen… Das einzig gute daran war, dass ich einige wundervolle Menschen kennengelernt habe und 3 sehr nette Wochen in Newcastle Upon Tyne verbringen durfte. Die Stadt und Gegend ist wirklich wunderschön und man ist in 1.5 Stunden in Edinburgh!

Alles andere an dem Job sowie der Firma war einfach nicht zumutbar! Seit April habe ich einen neuen Job in einem großen deutschen aber international operierenden Start-Up und bin wirklich ganz zufrieden. Klar, ist halt Arbeit, aber es macht Spaß, man wird wie ein Mensch behandelt, nicht wie eine Maschine und ich hab ein tolles Team!

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Fhina’s Weekly Recap #4

Fhina’s Weekly Recap – Sunday Funday

Uhm…excuse me? That’s maybe the best way to start this post. I know I have been entirely lazy this ween but I have to say I didn’t feel like blogging and writing anything at all. Next to that, believe it or not, I have been sick again. Same stupid cold symptoms. I’m on antibiotic now and got medicine for my sinusitis, too. Blah, so done with this cold over and over again.
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[Random]: The struggle of decision-making

This post is not about book but much more about life and its struggle as well as decision-making.


Some of you know that I’m a German expat living in the beautiful capital of Finland, Helsinki. This was my dream ever since I was about 14/15 years old! Back then I was a huge fan of the Finnish band HIM and I did crush on their frontman Ville Valo quite a bit. With the love for this particular Finnish band came the love for other Finnish bands, and at some point the love for the country itself and the language. But this is not what this post is supposed to be about after all.
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Berlin, ick lieb dir!

Wow, can’t believe it’s 3 weeks already since I arrived in Berlin. I may or may not have mentioned it before but I LOVE BERLIN! It’s such a vibrant and amazing city that I probably never wanna leave ever again. I’ve been out and about and walking till I couldn’t walk no more. Love love love Berlin and I can’t wait to spend more time here! Some day I will do some touristy stuff like visiting all those monuments I probably have visited when I was a kid already but it won’t hurt doing it again.

Berlin TV Tower
Berlin Bears
Potsdamer Platz. Looks a bit like New York
Berlin Cathedral
Urania Weltzeituhr
Coffee and Strawberry cake. yum yum yum
more bears

Saturday morning I will be leaving to Prague for a trip with some friends, tons of fun and Thirty Seconds To Mars. It’s better be good. Tuesday morning, I will continue my trip to Vienna and will be back in Berlin by Friday morning. Woop woop can’t wait!

I hope I can write you from the road, but not sure whether I will take my notebook or not!


“Travel. As much as you can. As far as you can. As long as you can. Life’s not meant to be lived in one place.”

Wow, again long time no see, but this whole last weeks have been so incredible busy that I could barely breathe. Luckily my holidays started a week ago and whenever I could I would enjoy the beautiful weather which we had for a few days. Last week the weather was awful and more like autumn than spring or almost summer. It will be hopefully better this weekend.


Right now I am at the Airport in Helsinki and about to leave to Berlin – finally. I can’t even describe in words how incredibly happy I am to leave Finland for a while. This may sound very bitter and maybe it even is a bit, but right now I am kinda fed up with Finland and I think it’s good to spend some time elsewhere.


My journey leads me via Stockholm, where I will have a layover of 6:30 hours but that’s totally alright I just hope and pray my luggage will arrive safe and sound in Berlin at the end of the day. I packed stuffed so much into my suitcase with the help of these vacuum-bags that I am actually afraid it may explode. Haha!


As you can see on the picture above, my carry on luggage isn’t small either, but it obviously was okay. Generally I guess that airlines really don’t care how heavy it is and how many bags you carry…and I’m quite happy about it. In all these last years my hand luggage got weighted once! Once in like 7 years of traveling…