Life update #2 & Blogupdate

Es ist viel zu lange her, dass ich hier überhaupt nur irgendetwas geposted habe. Aber in den letzten Monaten und Wochen habe ich habe nicht wirklich viel gelesen, weshalb auch so gut wie keine Rezensionen, Neuzugänge oder Lesemonate hier auf dem Blog veröffenticht worden. Ich war so gesehen richtig inaktiv, aber mein Leben war einfach etwas zu rasant. Es ist soviel passiert in den letzten Monaten – nicht nur der Umzug zurück nach Deutschland, sondern auch allgemein ist viel passiert. Aber alles in allem bin ich wirklich zufrieden, wie es gerade ist.

Der vermeintlich gute Job, welchen ich im Januar angefangen hatte, hat sich als richtiger Griff ins Klo erwiesen… Das einzig gute daran war, dass ich einige wundervolle Menschen kennengelernt habe und 3 sehr nette Wochen in Newcastle Upon Tyne verbringen durfte. Die Stadt und Gegend ist wirklich wunderschön und man ist in 1.5 Stunden in Edinburgh!

Alles andere an dem Job sowie der Firma war einfach nicht zumutbar! Seit April habe ich einen neuen Job in einem großen deutschen aber international operierenden Start-Up und bin wirklich ganz zufrieden. Klar, ist halt Arbeit, aber es macht Spaß, man wird wie ein Mensch behandelt, nicht wie eine Maschine und ich hab ein tolles Team!

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A little change in the program…

Some of you guys might remember that I used to do a Weekly Wrap-up each Sunday. In fact, I haven’t done one in ages, simply because my life has been rather boring.

But since the days have started to be dark and cold, rainy, windy, and for some maybe already snowy I decided to start something new on here. From tomorrow onwards there will be a “Coffee Chit-Chat” post. Since I’m started cooperating with The Coffee Box, the post will always feature one of their products, facts about coffee but also some chit-chat alongside.

I hope you guys are as excited as I am!

A quick update

Yeah, I know, I know, it has been very silent here these past weeks. I haven’t posted a Friday Feature or Weekly Wrap up in ages, but during the past week simply weren’t any interesting questions for the FF and I was generally pretty busy with work and all life.

But this weekend I will post my October book haul, Monthly Wrap-up and November TBR. I will also try to prepare some reviews (Red Queen, Evil Librarian, The Banished of Muirwood, All of the above).

Also, I will be part of a special campaign, but more about that later on. I’m very excited about it and hope it will be of interested for some of you.

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Award (& Tag)- Free Blog

First of all, I would like to thank you each and every one of you for nominating me for whatever award but I feel like that these awards don’t belong to my blog. I’m still flattered that I received any Awards at all, so thank you, thank you, thank you!

But none the less:
thank you, Nicole, for the nomination of the One Lovely Blog Award ;
thank you, Kath, for the Liebster Blog Award;
thank youNicola, for the Liebster Blog Award;
thank you, Alyssa, for the Creative Blogger Award;
thank you, Ardis, for the Blogger Recognition Award.


I will also keep this blog tag free. If will come across any funny tag that I really really like, I might do it, but generally you won’t be seeing any tags on here.



I’m so sorry that it’s currently so silent here but life is pretty crazy here. Good and also bad things are happening and I need to sort some things out before I can fix again 100% on blogging.

Tomorrow, Thursday, I will have an all-day business event that will be part of my thesis and it will be a very long, exhausting day, from 5 am where I need to wake up till 2-3am when I will get home and to sleep. The worse point is, that I have been sleeping really bad lately. I can’t fall asleep in the evening and often lay awake for hours until 3am or so. During day time I’m super exhausted and actually can fall asleep easily. I suppose my sleep rhythm is somewhere in LA time zone.


Anyway, I got some Melatonin pills yesterday and they helped a litte and I fell a sleep a little earlier last night although I woke up at 2am and was awake for a little while.

I hope I will get this little sleeping problem back on track and then I’m probably fit to blog more regulary.

I hope you understand!

❤ Fhina

Review Policy

So I finally manage to write up a review policy. It can also be found from the menu bar above. From my review policy,  you will find information how I will handle any kind of requests.

Dear Authors, Publishers and Book Managers,

If you wish to send me a request for reviewing your book or taking part at Blog tours etc., please feel free to do so. Generally I’m interested in anything concerning books and receiving review copies. However, I reserve the right to reject and deny anything that doesn’t sound appealing to me or doesn’t spark my interest. I love to read, but I’m also very picky about what I read.

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