Coffee Chit-Chat #4 – Essentials for coffee lovers

Drinking coffee is so much more that just drinking coffee. We humans are very visual and we use our other senses like smell, taste and touch, too.

Therefore, there are, in my very humble opinion, a few things that are essential for every coffee lover. Please note that these are no must or a rule, but things that can improve drinking and enjoying coffee.


First of all and most important is the coffee. Preferably a high-quality coffee and bought as beans and ground just before consuming. Alone this will improve your coffee experience by 80% already. I never thought that spending a few Euros more would make such an improvement. But already with good quality ground coffee that you can get from the store, you will notice a change. But getting good beans and grind them yourself at home makes it even better! Continue reading “Coffee Chit-Chat #4 – Essentials for coffee lovers”


Coffee Chit-Chat #3: My coffee corner

I don’t know about you, but generally I like to have my things in place and make it somewhat nice looking. Sharing an apartment with 3 other girls doesn’t make it always easy and we have random things standing around like pots and frying pans, spices and once in a while some dished but generally there isn’t too much clutter.

As for me, I created myself a little coffee corner in the kitchen.


For that I simply got a tray from IKEA and put all the things there that I need to make a good cup of coffee;  my Wilfa Coffee Grinder (I recommend!), kitchen scale, French Press, the small pot I use to boil water (yes, I don’t have a water boiler!) , and of course high-quality coffee by The Coffee Box* that I usually storage in the cabinet above the tray to keep it as cool and dark as possible.


That way I have everything in one place. I can put water to boil, weight my coffee beans and grind them, pre-heat my French Press and make myself a great cup of coffee.


I guess next I will add an Aeropress and a Hario V60 to my collection of ways on how to prepare coffee.

*coffee provided by The Coffee Box.


Life lately…(Random)

Ugh, it’s been so silent and I have been so inactive here that I actually don’t even know anymore. I  have so much to do and still get nothing done and I keep on procrastinating all the time.original

Best example yesterday: I wanted to study for my Spanish exams on Thursday, yet I did nothing except hanging around in my bed, napping and watching TV. This is usually what is happening at the end of every semester. Everything just seems too much and I get incredibly lazy. Gosh, it even annoys myself and still I can’t pick myself up and start on the things I really have to do.

busy 5

I have 3 weeks of official school and 6 exams, 3 reports, 2 presentations and 1 portfolio left. Oh and some pre-assignments for the summer Finnish course (if I will take it…) and actually still about 5 other assignments from one online course I more or less skipped, but I will try to write these during the last weeks of May so I will meet the deadline…(No this is NOT my workplace!)

Anyway, my life has been busy with doing nothing productive and only the work which had to be done because of due dates. I didn’t went out or saw my friends a lot, just being anti-social which is usual for me when I actually need to do a lot of stuff for uni and work a lot as well. Then I really don’t feel like seeing anyone and I’m happy to be alone. A huge reason this time was probably also that I have worked a lot the last month…

46e3ca16b44711e3a71a12e0d8b1a977_8Sunset some weeks ago while being at work

Other than doing nothing really productive for school and working I:

  • went to see Uniklubi live after almost 3 years. It’s been great! 
  • saw a band called JUPI7ER
  • hung around at YouTube a lot and admired my favourite v(b)loggers (more about those in a separate post…)

That’s pretty much all I was up to. Highlight was Uniklubi. So nice to see them play again after such a long time.

And I finally dyed my hair with permanent colour again after using semi-permanent hair colour for almost a year now. It’s nice not to have to dye my hair every other week…

image-1Of course it’s red – what do you even think?

And finally it seems that I will spend my summer in Berlin, working. It’s 100% sure that I will work, I’m just not sure if I will work from Helsinki or Berlin. Maybe Berlin is cool for a summer, than I can go and look for a great internship there as well, as it seems for now that I will first finish up with all my courses (only 22 ECTS left!) and go to do my internship next spring and then my thesis in Autumn 2015. So proud that I have accomplished most of my studies already, even tho if I am kinda a lazy student sometimes most of the time.
I think a change of place will do good for my mind and inner peace and after all Berlin is awesome!

Christian R.H

Next time I will probably tell you about the video marketing project. We shooted the video during the past 2 weeks and the first draft is ready now and I can’t wait for the final result! Before I will tell you a little more about the project and company itself, so stay tuned!


Studying – but what to do after?

It would be a lie if I would say I wouldn’t think or worry about the future. In fact I actually do a lot, even though my Mom thinks I don’t… Right now I don’t even know what I wanna do after graduation in December 2015 (latest!). I mean, I know I wanna work within Marketing/Communication/PR but that’s again so vague as it is actually such a big field, and there are so many different things you can do or you – somehow – can combine them all. Actually this is really sad and scares me at the same time.


I can’t even say if I can still see myself in Finland in the future.  I love Finland, I really do and it would probably break my heart having to leave, but being stuck here with no chances to find a suitable job in the field I have studied definitely isn’t what I’m looking for, as I of course want something good and positive for myself, my life and my future. I really wanna do something I really like and enjoy and not just go to work because I have to go or do – yet again – some stupid cleaning. I know this sounds stupid and arrogant, but I’m so done with all this kind of jobs. I need something real.


I know that it is utopian to believe to find an enjoyable job right after graduation and I know that this probably won’t be the case but still I can hope and look for something more related to my studies which brings me further. You know, baby steps and all these kind of things…


Finding a job is generally hard and I know not even in Germany it is easy but probably easier than in a country where you are far away of speaking the language fluently. And to be honest, I kind of gave up learning it. It sound nice and all but really learning it that well that you could use it professionally…uff maybe not for me, kiitos! And I even have to admit that – sometimes (rarely but it happens) — it actually even annoys me. The way it sound and especially the way women are speaking it. 90 out of 100 speak it with exact the same voice/tone, ugh  go away. (I know this sounds really harsh and mean, and I actually don’t mean it as such – so no offense my Finnish friends) — but yeah, I just have my days when it annoys me, but then everything else does too, to be honest.


Living in Finland always has been my dream and I have lived that dream for nearly 6 years and loved it, but sometimes being in a country which you love with all your heart, soul and mind isn’t just everything if you even can’t really live there because you barely have enough money for living. I’m a student, so I know what it is like to live on a minimum of money and to restrict yourself but that’s really something I don’t wanna do forever. This is all so confusing for me but sometime it’s just better to take a step back, after all I can say that I have lived and enjoyed my dream. And I loved and still love it. Right now I have huge feels for Berlin and I actually hope I can go and do my internship in Berlin (waiting for an answer) and check out how life in Berlin is. After all it is probably the only city I could imagine to live in Germany, okay Hamburg would be good as well but I really do love Berlin and I really could imagine living there.